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Student Loans & Funding for UK/EU Students

If you are a UK/EU student planning to enrol at Kaplan Holborn College, you may be eligible to apply for a student loan. All of our undergraduate degrees from Anglia Ruskin University, the University of Wales and the University of the West of England are eligible for student finance.

Everything you need to know about student loans and funding is available from the Directgov website. This is fully up-to-date and should be your primary reference.

How is my student finance entitlement worked out?

You can find out how your student finance entitlement is worked out in 'Paying for University in 2013/14'.

How do I change the amount of student loan I want to take out?

You can increase or decrease the amount of loan you would like, up to the maximum awarded, by downloading and completing a Maintenance Loan or Tuition Fee Loan Request Form available from Directgov.

What if my bank details change?

You can update your bank details at any time by logging into your student finance account and following the online instructions or by calling us.

Important: you must leave 5 working days between updating your bank details and your next payment date to ensure your payment is made into the correct account.

What if my place of study or course changes?

You must let the SLC (Student Loan Company) know if you change course or change university or college as this may affect your student finance entitlement.  You can do this by downloading and completing a ‘Change of circumstances form’ available from Directgov. Or, if you are coming over to Kaplan Holborn College via clearing just let us know and we can do this for you.

How is the interest on my student loan calculated?

Interest is added to your loan balance from the day the first loan payment is made.  You can find out more about this and the current interest rate here.

When do I pay back my student loan?

You will be due to start repaying your loan the April after you graduate or withdraw from your course.  Further information about repayment is available here.

Where can I find more information?

For the latest news and detailed information on student finance go to the Directgov website.

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We understand that it's important that students and their families to understand the facts about the new student finance arrangements so that they can make an informed decision about entering higher education.

The above video from Student Finance England exposes the myths and presents the facts around the financial support available