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Applying to Kaplan Holborn College via UCAS

UCAS LogoIn order to apply to Kaplan Holborn College for 2015 entry (or deferred entry in 2016) you must submit a UCAS application by 15 January 2015. We do encourage you to apply early with us as places are competitive. Check out what we look for in applicants to get an idea as to how to write your personal statement and organise your application effectively.

In August each year, it is also likely we can help you find a course through UCAS clearing.

The UCAS website includes a timeline to give you a better idea of the various deadlines for applying via this method.

  • What is UCAS?

    UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, and the vast majority of applications to study for an undergraduate degree in the UK are made via this service. Students are able to choose up to five different courses and apply to those courses and institutions simultaneously.

  • How do I make an application via UCAS?

    Your school should already be listed as a UCAS centre, which means that they will able to help you with your application. Alternatively you can complete a UCAS application by yourself using the online guides that UCAS provides. You should make your UCAS application before 15 January in the year that you want to begin your studies.

  • What does the application include?

    The application includes a lot of information that you expect; personal information, your academic history, work experience, a personal statement and references from your previous school or college.

  • What is the personal statement about?

    Institutions in the UK receive many thousands of applications for their places every year, and often applicants have very similar academic grades which makes it difficult for admissions tutors to distinguish between applicants. We therefore ask students to submit a personal statement that tells us more about you, your ambitions, your interests and your life. It is your chance to impress us further and to show us that you really have thought about what you want to do with your studies. It is essential you spend time on your personal statement, and don't copy anyone else's as UCAS has software that can detect if you have done so!

  • What happens once I have sent off my application?

    Once you have sent off your application all of the institutions you have applied to will consider your application individually. They cannot see where else you have applied and there is no way that they can tell whether they are your first choice or not, unless you have written this in your personal statement of course!

    One by one you will hear back from your choices via UCAS Track, and once you have heard back from all of them you will be able to choose an institution to be your first choice (UF or CF) and your insurance choice (UI or CI). Institutions will have made you either an Unconditional Offer or a Conditional Offer depending on whether you have already obtained your academic and English language qualifications.

Results Day

If you were made a conditional offer you will be able to confirm your place once you receive your results. If you got what you needed for your first choice then you will become UF with that institution. If you didn't get the grades for your first choice then you may now be UF with your insurance choice instead. Your UCAS Track account will show you what your current status is. If you missed your grades for your insurance choice too, then you will find yourself in UCAS Clearing.

For more information on Clearing as well as advice on making a decision that's right for you, see our Clearing advice page.

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