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Law Degrees and Courses

Kaplan Holborn College has 40 years' experience of teaching undergraduate law. The college delivers high quality law degree programmes in conjunction with our awarding universities: Anglia Ruskin University, the University of London International Programmes and the University of the West of England.

The choice of law degrees offered at Kaplan Holborn College enables you to select a degree that will best suit your needs and ambitions. Every undergraduate law degree offered at Kaplan Holborn College is recognised by the Law Society and Bar Council of England and Wales so you can proceed to the professional qualification stage after successfully completing your degree.

Foundations & diplomas

At Kaplan Holborn College the foundation and diploma programmes that we offer are designed to provide a solid foundation in the relevant subject and allowing students to progress on to the first or second year of an undergraduate degree.

4 year undergraduate degrees incl foundation year

Our 4 year degrees are ideal if you are eager to progress your education and require a foundation year to raise your academic standard.

3 year undergraduate degrees

The 3 year business undergraduate degrees at Kaplan Holborn College are awarded by Anglia Ruskin University and the University of London.

2 year undergraduate degrees

Our intensive 2 year degree courses are designed to reduce the time taken to complete an undergraduate degree, without compromising the quality of your qualification, the topics covered or the level of tuition.

Tuition is a stimulating mix of lectures and smaller seminar groups. Students take an active role in debates, moots and mock trials that are regularly organised, and which provide a popular, practical and hands-on component to study. We take full advantage of our location in London which offers easy access to the renowned legal institutions of the City, with guest lectures and visits organised throughout the year.

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